Get Lost No More!

Hiking has never been easier. With todays technology, you don't ever need to worry about getting lost again. We have tracked all our hiking routes in the area and uploaded them to this fantastic app: Trail Guide South Africa. All you need to do is download the free app, search for "Central Wild Coast Hiking Trail" and download the trail of your choice. The trail is advertised as a 3-day overnight hike, from Mdumbi all the way to Bulungula, but the actual day tracks are set up as single tracks, so you can download which ever leg of the journey you choose.

Please note: Cell Phone signal and WiFi connections are often slow at the Wild Coast Backpackers - if possible, download the app before coming here, while you still have fast internet connection.

We are still busy setting up the app, currently only these trails are availalbe:
- Central Wild Coast Hiking Trail / Bulungula to Lubanzi
- Central Wild Coast Hiking Trail / Lubanzi to Coffee Bay
- Central Wild Coast Hiking Trail / Coffee Bay to Mdumbi
- Mpolompo Beach Trail (day hike from Lubanzi to the Mncwasa lagoon)
- Hole in the Wall Hike (day hike from Lubanzi to Hole in the Wall and back)

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